Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fit & Active Light Mayonnaise

I was very hesitant to purchase this product. I'm a Hellmann's girl. I grew up on Hellmann's, I love Hellmann's. For the last few years, I discovered that Wegmans Light Mayo was very similar to Hellmann's Light Mayo. And I've been buying that ever since. But then I saw this, and it intrigued me. It was half the fat of regular Light Mayo. I will be honest, I was nervous about this purchase. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The texture is odd, I'll say that. I thought I was doomed when I tried to spread the mayo on my sandwich. It's thicker and has a very different texture than regular mayo. But then I tasted it. It wasn't bad. It was kind of good even. I've made many sandwiches now, and a potato salad. We've all eaten the mayo and it has been just fine.

The cost? $1.99. Wegmans Light Mayo is $2.49 and Hellmann's Light Mayo is $2.99.

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  1. I love Fit & Active Mayo. But sadly the Aldi in Birmngham, AL where I shop no longer carries Fit & Active. When can I purchase it or can I buy online?