Sunday, October 7, 2012

Berryhill Apple Butter

I was so thrilled to see this at Aldi yesterday. I love Apple Butter, and it is expensive. This is a huge jar at 28 oz. and it was only $2.29. The only Apple Butter I could find at Wegmans was almost $5 for only 17 oz. So you can imagine how excited I was to see this! Especially since I love it on English Muffins for breakfast. I also have a great recipe this week that I will be using it in, with pork chops. Stay tuned to tomorrow's menu plan for that recipe.


  1. This apple "butter" is like apple sauce. Way too runny and that's why it's so cheap. Won't buy again.

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  3. I loved this apple butter! It reminded me of Dutch Girl which is no longer available. The spices were perfect and I didn't find it too runny. Put huge tablespoons on toast (toast is just the apple butter holder) and tilting the toast didn't cause the apple butter to run off. Given enough time, or shaking or tapping, yes, then it would, but I will have eaten it before playing with it. Sadly, my store tells me it's seasonal (isn't THIS the season for all things 'harvesty'?) and now it isn't available there either. :(