Sunday, December 9, 2012

Multigrain Style Bread Mix


My husband discovered this during one of our trips to Aldi. It looked kind of fun. It's a bread mix that you make right in the container that it came in. And it's "multigrain style". (Meaning it's "like" multigrain, but it's not really multigrain... )

It wasn't quite as easy as the directions and cover made it out to be. "Just add water". Yes. That is true. But when you add the water to the tiny tin bread pan that the mix came in, it's not that easy to stir without making a mess. I would recommend pouring the mix into a mixing bowl and stirring it there. Once that is done, spray the pan with a little non-stick spray, then add the mix back into the pan once it's been mixed together. I did this on the 2nd loaf, and it was much better! Plus it was easier to remove from the pan once it was cooked.

The bread itself is very hearty. But it's pretty good. It wasn't terribly cheap (I think it was over $2 for the small loaf.) But it was fresh and made the house smell wonderful. And it was kind of fun too.

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