Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Greek to Me

* * * Update: ShopAldi has moved to a new home! Come visit us!  * * *

My 15-year-old health-nut son eats a LOT of yogurt. I buy on average 15 containers of yogurt per week. That cost adds up! Thankfully Aldi's yogurts are really good. Their regular yogurt is 39 cents per container, their Greek yogurt is 79 cents each.

Since Greek Yogurt seems to be the new "in" thing, I asked him this evening to compare Aldi Blueberry Greek Yogurt to Chobani Blueberry Greek yogurt (which is 30 cents more, per container). He gave what I thought was an honest answer. He said he liked them both. They were different, but both very good. I think that says it all!

Why buy the expensive yogurt if it's just as good as the cheaper alternative? On an average week, if I were to buy 7 containers of Aldi Greek Yogurt, that would be $5.53. If I were to buy the Chobani Yogurt, 7 containers would cost $7.63. That's $2.10 a week in savings. In just yogurt! I think we'll stick to the Aldi brand on this one.


  1. Our Aldi is a bit of a drive so saving would be lost with a special trip but we do stop in when we are over in that town.
    We have another favorite "cheap" grocery store too... The Surplus Outlet. We also only go there when we are near by. They have amazing sales on nationally known brands and some are from other parts of the country. Lots from the south. But you have to know your prices.
    Glad you are learning to be economical in the grocery area and you do live close.

  2. Your dad read this blogpost and decided to try some Yogurt for his desserts!. He is enjoying, though we can't drive all the way over to Aldi to get some.

  3. Alex swears by yogurt! He has a Greek Yogurt after he runs, there's lots of protein in those.