Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pick of the Week

This is my pick of the week. We absolutely LOVE this rice. And it's only 69 cents! You can't get a rice mix at a "brand name" grocery store for less than $1. We like to mix this rice with cooked baby carrots and cooked chicken. For a "meal in a bowl", as my husband likes to call it. We sometimes have crescent rolls as well. There are rarely leftovers, and everyone always goes back for seconds.

This entire meal can be bought at Aldi. The baby carrots are 89 cents per bag. (We use about half a bag for this dinner.) We use about 2 boneless chicken breasts. (Frozen chicken is $5.99 per 3.5 lb. bag.) And the rice is 69 cents. If we add the crescent rolls, that's $1.29 more. So the entire meal is $4.43. (And only $3.14 if we don't add the rolls!)

Chicken and Rice
1 pkg Rice Bowl Chicken flavored Rice
1/2 bag of baby carrots
2 -3 boneless chicken breasts

Prepare the chicken flavored rice as directed on the box. Boil carrots until soft. Drain and pour carrots into rice and mix. Meanwhile, cut up the boneless chicken into bite-sized pieces and place in pan with 2 tbsp Carlini Olive Oil. (The Aldi brand) Add salt, pepper to taste. When chicken is cooked through, place chicken in with the rice & carrots and mix well. Serve. Enjoy.